Xponential Fitness (XPOF) – “Abusive Franchisor That Is A House Of Cards”

The Founder & CEO of Xponential Fitness (XPOF), Anthony Geisler, has a long history of misleading investors and business partners. XPOF is boutique gym franchisor with 10 different boutique fitness brands. We discovered XPOF is hiding the fact that many of their brands and franchisees are struggling.  Franchise businesses are only as healthy as the…

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Sell Lucid – We Believe Buyout Rumor is FAKE NEWS – Came Right After Lock-up Expiration

We are SHORT Lucid Group (LCID) as we think the source of Friday’s Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) rumor is likely FAKE.

It suspiciously coincided with a large lock-up expiration from a source with a long track record of being incorrect.

Sell the Fake Rumor!

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Fisker – Undisclosed Bank Guarantees Show the Cash is Pledged; Fisker’s History of Lies Revealed

Exposing Fisker’s “Undisclosed Bank Guarantees” for ~$800 Million. This almost all of the cash!

Senior Executives called Henrik Fisker, CEO, “a Pathological Liar”

We show why instead of “asset-light” Fisker is actually “liability-heavy”

We are Short Fisker

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EVGO – A Broken “ESG” Company Connected to Jeffrey Epstein

EVGO – A Broken “ESG” Company Connected to Jeffrey Epstein Charger Utilization has DECLINED since 2019  Research Study shows 25.5% of EVGOs Chargers are Broken Key Patent Denied in May 2022 SPAC Sponsor Actually EVGOs Former Failed Owner Hidden Connections to Jeffrey Epstein;  July 2nd Lock-up Expiration Coming – Will it Equal Massive Selling? Executive…

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ELMS – EV Pretender – Passing Off Chinese Imports as “Made in the USA”; Booking Fake Revenue of Fully Returnable Products?

Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) is a SPAC that was founded in November of 2020 by James (Jim) Taylor. Jim was not only a former Workhorse Group CEO & Chairman himself but also but he was also the chairman and mentor that oversaw Steve Burns as CEO. Burns is the disgraced Lordstown Motors’s CEO.  Lordstown…

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Workhorse Group: Active SEC Investigation + Fake Orders + Lost to Two EVs in USPS Bid + New EVs Already Breaking Down = Glue Factory for Workhorse

Workhorse Group has an active and on-going SEC investigation. A large part of their order book is fictitious including undisclosed related parties. New C-1000 EVs are riddled with design flaws and the EVs are already breaking down.

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Foresight Autonomous (FRSX): A Minefield of Criminals, Self-dealing, Fake Sales, and Old Technology

Foresight Autonomous Holdings, (FRSX – US), claims to be changing the world of autonomous driving technology. In reality, FRSX, an Israeli RTO, is nothing more than an aggressive stock promotion where insiders are siphoning cash to entities they control. FRSX was formerly controlled by a convicted felon before Kfir Silberman and Itschak Shrem took over.…

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Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS) – Short – Critical Failures in USPS NGDV Bid Revealed

Workhorse Report – Download Link Workhorse’s USPS Bid has Numerous Critical Failures: Executive Summary: A few weeks ago, Hindenburg Research exposed Nikola, a high-flying EV company, as an alleged “intricate fraud”. The stock fell over 50% in the process. Nikola has since admitted to purposely rolling a truck down a hill to mask the appearance…

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22nd Century Group – Key Patents have Expired!

Fuzzy Panda Research is Short XXII since we discovered that the most important patents in XXII’s patent portfolio have now expired. XXII’s Key QPT patents behind the tobacco used in their MRTP & PMTA applications expired in 2018. QPT expired patents are the essential patents behind the Vector 21-41 tobacco strain. Patent Expiration explains why…

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BDSI – Money Losing Opioid Company Founded By The Bankruptcy Experts

We are short BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI), a money losing opioid manufacturer that is connected to Dr. Frank O’Donnell, Jonnie Williams’ long-time business partner. Dr. Frank O’Donnell and Jonnie Williams are business partners whose companies have a 30-year history of stock wipeouts, SEC investigations, shareholder lawsuits, and even bribery of a governor. BDSI engages in…

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