22nd Century Group – Key Patents have Expired!

Fuzzy Panda Research is Short XXII since we discovered that the most important patents in XXII’s patent portfolio have now expired. XXII’s Key QPT patents behind the tobacco used in their MRTP & PMTA applications expired in 2018. QPT expired patents are the essential patents behind the Vector 21-41 tobacco strain. Patent Expiration explains why…

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22nd Century Group (XXII) – Undisclosed SEC Investigation Revealed

22nd Century (XXII) has an undisclosed SEC investigation. FOIA responses revealed that SEC records are being withheld that could interfere with “on-going enforcement proceedings.” Sharesleuth exposed articles from a network of connected authors promoting XXII – those authors also wrote about other “IRTH Communications” & “Honig, Brauser, and Frost” companies. Still no MRTP (Modified Risk Tobacco…

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