ShotSpotter (SSTI) – Court Case Exposes Failures of ShotSpotter Technology

ShotSpotter (SSTI) Full Report The Silvon Simmons court case we recently uncovered reveals the many flaws of ShotSpotter (Nasdaq:  SSTI) and why we are short the company. In Silvon Simmons, a police officer shot an allegedly armed black suspect (Simmons) in the back.  The officer & suspect had 2 different accounts of what happened: the officer…

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22nd Century Group (XXII) – Undisclosed SEC Investigation Revealed

22nd Century (XXII) has an undisclosed SEC investigation. FOIA responses revealed that SEC records are being withheld that could interfere with “on-going enforcement proceedings.” Sharesleuth exposed articles from a network of connected authors promoting XXII – those authors also wrote about other “IRTH Communications” & “Honig, Brauser, and Frost” companies. Still no MRTP (Modified Risk Tobacco…

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Zion Oil & Gas Update – Video of Well Interview

Video footage of wells – Worker says there isn’t oil there at MJ #1 Well Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee Resigns. Running out of Cash within the next 2 months. Click here for the Full Report By downloading you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Service

Terra Tech (TRTC) – Total Smokeshow – Toxic Convertible Debt + Lawsuits from Alleged Unpaid Suppliers = $0.00

We uncovered lawsuits against TRTC from alleged unpaid suppliers. Toxic Convertible Debt provides significant potential for shareholder dilution. Related party transactions cost shareholders $51.5 million for 1 dispensary, 1st dispensary license was received via bribery. The auditor has an adverse opinion on financial controls and financials show a declining business that burns cash. All of…

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SPYR Inc & Joe Fiore charged with Fraud by SEC

SPYR Inc & Joe Fiore charged with Fraud by SEC June 20, 2018 – The SEC charged Joe Fiore (a penny stock financier) & SPYR Inc with fraudulent market manipulation and scalping scheme that generated over $11 million from unlawful stock sales. Fuzzy Panda Research originally highlighted some of these tactics and outlined the fraud…

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Zion Oil & Gas – Financial Times article on undisclosed SEC investigation

Financial Times article on Zion Oil & Gas having an undisclosed SEC Investigation. Article. The article cites @fuzzypandashort original research and FOIA responses from March 2018 as having originally broke the news. Thank you to Jamie Powell and Probes Reporter for exposing this fact.