Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS) – Short – Critical Failures in USPS NGDV Bid Revealed

Workhorse Report – Download Link Workhorse’s USPS Bid has Numerous Critical Failures: Executive Summary: A few weeks ago, Hindenburg Research exposed Nikola, a high-flying EV company, as an alleged “intricate fraud”. The stock fell over 50% in the process. Nikola has since admitted to purposely rolling a truck down a hill to mask the appearance…

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22nd Century Group – Key Patents have Expired!

Fuzzy Panda Research is Short XXII since we discovered that the most important patents in XXII’s patent portfolio have now expired. XXII’s Key QPT patents behind the tobacco used in their MRTP & PMTA applications expired in 2018. QPT expired patents are the essential patents behind the Vector 21-41 tobacco strain. Patent Expiration explains why…

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BDSI – Money Losing Opioid Company Founded By The Bankruptcy Experts

We are short BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI), a money losing opioid manufacturer that is connected to Dr. Frank O’Donnell, Jonnie Williams’ long-time business partner. Dr. Frank O’Donnell and Jonnie Williams are business partners whose companies have a 30-year history of stock wipeouts, SEC investigations, shareholder lawsuits, and even bribery of a governor. BDSI engages in…

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ShotSpotter (SSTI) – Court Case Exposes Failures of ShotSpotter Technology

ShotSpotter (SSTI) Full Report The Silvon Simmons court case we recently uncovered reveals the many flaws of ShotSpotter (Nasdaq:  SSTI) and why we are short the company. In Silvon Simmons, a police officer shot an allegedly armed black suspect (Simmons) in the back.  The officer & suspect had 2 different accounts of what happened: the officer…

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22nd Century Group (XXII) – Undisclosed SEC Investigation Revealed

22nd Century (XXII) has an undisclosed SEC investigation. FOIA responses revealed that SEC records are being withheld that could interfere with “on-going enforcement proceedings.” Sharesleuth exposed articles from a network of connected authors promoting XXII – those authors also wrote about other “IRTH Communications” & “Honig, Brauser, and Frost” companies. Still no MRTP (Modified Risk Tobacco…

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Zion Oil & Gas Update – Video of Well Interview

Video footage of wells – Worker says there isn’t oil there at MJ #1 Well Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee Resigns. Running out of Cash within the next 2 months. Click here for the Full Report By downloading you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Service

Terra Tech (TRTC) – Total Smokeshow – Toxic Convertible Debt + Lawsuits from Alleged Unpaid Suppliers = $0.00

We uncovered lawsuits against TRTC from alleged unpaid suppliers. Toxic Convertible Debt provides significant potential for shareholder dilution. Related party transactions cost shareholders $51.5 million for 1 dispensary, 1st dispensary license was received via bribery. The auditor has an adverse opinion on financial controls and financials show a declining business that burns cash. All of…

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SPYR Inc & Joe Fiore charged with Fraud by SEC

SPYR Inc & Joe Fiore charged with Fraud by SEC June 20, 2018 – The SEC charged Joe Fiore (a penny stock financier) & SPYR Inc with fraudulent market manipulation and scalping scheme that generated over $11 million from unlawful stock sales. Fuzzy Panda Research originally highlighted some of these tactics and outlined the fraud…

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Zion Oil & Gas – Financial Times article on undisclosed SEC investigation

Financial Times article on Zion Oil & Gas having an undisclosed SEC Investigation. Article. The article cites @fuzzypandashort original research and FOIA responses from March 2018 as having originally broke the news. Thank you to Jamie Powell and Probes Reporter for exposing this fact.